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Blue Collar Post Collective Boosts Diversity at NAB Show with Charitable Efforts

The post production non-profit facilitated NAB attendance for ten lower income professionals with support from Flanders Scientific, LaCie, additional corporate donors and community contributions.

April 25, 2019

Las Vegas, NV

The Blue Collar Post Collective increased their charitable efforts for NAB Show this year, sending ten post production professionals from across the US to the conference. With their trips funded by BCPC’s Professional Development Accessibility Program, the lower income professionals were able to attend an event that was otherwise out of reach for them financially.

Program creator and board member Katie Hinsen said, “This program offers an opportunity for those who have the most to gain to attend events like NAB which would otherwise be out of reach to them, due to the barrier of cost. Additionally, it serves to boost the diversity of attendees at these events, adding the valuable contribution of these individuals to the conversations and discourse.”

This year’s NAB program participants included professionals working in New York, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Atlanta, and Colorado:

  • Darrius Terrell (Live Ops Analyst, Turner Broadcasting)
  • Lisa Schaefer (Video Editor, Front Range Media)
  • Myrtle McElroy (Field Post PA, ITV)
  • Grace Novak (Intern, RCO)
  • Courtney Lewis (Assistant Editor, Resonant Pictures),
  • Leslye Orellana (Assistant Editor, The Boathouse Agency)
  • Jimmy Zhu (Assistant Editor/Colorist, Freelance)
  • Magaly Monterroso (Assistant Editor, 51 Minds)
  • Sean Rogers (Assistant Editor, Freelance)
  • Ayana Saunders (Post PA, Disney)

I work a travel job doing media management and I connected with Hannah [Walker, PDAP recipient for NAB in 2018] while I was on my travel job. It was her that encouraged me to apply. NAB was amazing… I was in my happy place,” said Myrtle McElroy, who was sponsored by LaCie.

Recipients were evaluated and selected by a committee of industry professionals that included John Eremic (HBO), Laura Pursley (Sony), Katie Hinsen (Post Production Executive), Jacqueline Basse (Editor), and the late Norman Hollyn, ACE (Editor/USC).

In addition to financial contributions by the community and supportive funding from other donors, Flanders Scientific and LaCie directly supported two attendees.

“Shows like NAB expose attendees to cutting edge technology they may not see elsewhere, but more importantly they also connect people that may otherwise not meet. These connections, as much as one’s knowledge or talent, can be the key ingredient towards a successful career trajectory. PDAP helps address the very real problem that lack of resources or opportunity can present to talented and motivated individuals looking to make these key connections,” added Flanders Scientific’s Bram Desmet.

NAB provided Conference Flex passes to each of the recipients, and Lumaforge and LACPUG provided free entry to the Faster Together event.

Aside from charitable efforts, BCPC also hosted its third annual meet-up on The Linq and facilitated a Birds of a Feather session called “Stop, Collaborate and Listen: Fixing Post with Communication” with lively conversation from Sound Specialist Ozzie Sutherland, Flame Artist Krysten Richardson, Workflow Producer Payton List, Color/Workflow Specialist Pei Yu Chen, and Assistant Editor Chris Peters.

With a recent spotlight on inclusiveness, film and television industry conferences and trade shows are seeking to widen their audience and broaden the range of attendees. The Professional Development Accessibility Program will continue to bolster this effort, creating a bridge between the industry and the diverse membership of the Blue Collar Post Collective. By bringing new faces to major events, we are reminding the wider industry that all professionals, including those who are low-income earners, have voices that are of equal value and importance to the post production community.

To check your eligibility and apply for the program, go to:


For more information contact the Blue Collar Post Collective



About the Blue Collar Post Collective

The Blue Collar Post Collective is an accessible and focused grassroots non-profit organization, supporting emerging talent in post production.

Their goal is to foster an all-inclusive community and to provide unique opportunities for their members to develop professionally. There are no prerequisites or membership fees to join the BCPC. It is a group of over 11,000 post-production professionals who want to share their experiences and support each other. It appeals to those who have questions about getting started in post, people looking to advance in their careers, and professionals who want to connect with more of their peers.

The BCPC holds monthly meet-ups and organizes events focused on offering alternative educational and career development opportunities with no barriers to attend. Not only are they building networks for emerging talent, but they work to strengthen the ties between the group and the wider community, through collaborative partnerships, advocacy, social events and innovative programs.


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