January Webinar Event Details

For the first webinar of 2019, HPA’s Young Entertainment Professionals will be taking working professionals from on set, the dailies lab, vfx, sound and picture finishing, to walk through a scripted episodic job from A to Z.  Many of our YEPs have shown interest in understanding the bigger picture of how a show gets made and how much their work transcends departments. We are living in an age where the more you understand about the process as a whole, the better you will be in your active role!  Our goal in this webinar is to shed some light on a few key departments and how they fit into a scripted episodic tv show, with a deeper dive on these in future 2019 webinars.

Comprehensive Workflow Overview: Production to Post

  • Thursday, January 24, 2019
  • 5:30pm – 7:00pm
  • Online: GoToWebinar

The YEP webinar series is geared towards early- to mid-career M&E professionals and is one facet of the YEP program’s commitment to facilitating industry education on standards and practices as they relate to business, production, technology, and emerging trends.

Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to have our experts take you through their workflow processes from every angle.

As the Director of Workflow Services at Sim, the 2016 HPA Emerging Leader award winner & Studio Daily Top 50 award winner, Jesse currently oversees a global workflow and development team and provides technical-level management.  Over the past 18 months, Jesse and his team have overseen the dailies/post production workflow on over 100 projects spanning the globe, collectively managing over 8 Petabytes of media.  Aside from working on such notable jobs as Mr. Robot, Narcos, Fargo, and The Great Wall, Jesse counts creating Sims new client facing metadata aggregation/automated transcoding database Metabanq, as his greatest achievement.

Jesse has a lifelong love of filmmaking and has worked in many different on-set and post-production roles over the last decade including: 24 frame playback editing/compositing both on and off set, on-set visual effects editing, data management, dailies, offline/online editing, and final color. Jesse uses this wealth of knowledge to provide his clients with customized workflows, that are tailored to successfully meet their unique requirements and the specific needs of their projects.


  • Payton List, Sim, Workflow Producer
  • Ashley Ward, Freelance, VFX production Manager
  • Tyler L. Cook, Freelance, Editor
  • James Parnell, Monkeyland Audio, ReRecording Mixer/Supervising Sound Editor
  • Jacob Ortiz, Monkeyland Audio, ADR Supervisor
  • Jon Pehlke, Sim, Online Editor
  • Andy Lichstein, Sim, Colorist
  • Babak Kazerouni, Pixelogic, VP of Worldwide Localization
Jesse Korosi

Jesse Korosi

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