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Imagica Group Makes Strategic Investment in Pixelogic

Collaboration Planned for Pixelogic, Imagica Group and SDI Media

Imagica Group Inc., an integrated global media holding company and the parent company of SDI Media Group, Inc., has made a strategic investment in Pixelogic, acquiring a significant minority stake in the company.

Nobuo Fuse, the Representative Director, President of Imagica Group, said “We are pleased to partner with Pixelogic and support the company in its next phase of growth. We look forward to working with the Pixelogic team as they continue to expand their tools and services for the global media supply chain. There are meaningful synergies between Pixelogic, Imagica Group and our subsidiary SDI Media, and we believe these synergies will ultimately deliver further significant value to our customers throughout the world.”

“Since the company’s formation, Pixelogic has been creating end-to-end localization and distribution solutions for feature and episodic content based on next generation tools and workflows. Our primary goal for these solutions is to enable faster delivery of content to all global venues, in all languages and distribution formats. These venues include theaters, digital platforms, and brick and mortar retailers,” said Pixelogic Co-President, John Suh.

“This affiliation with Imagica Group and SDI Media significantly expands our servicing capabilities to the benefit of our customers – the studios, broadcasters and digital retailers. We’re excited to collaborate with Imagica’s world class media and entertainment companies in Japan and throughout Asia. We also look forward to scaling our end-to-end services through deep engagement and integration with SDI Media and their substantial dubbing and subtitling capability, which includes the largest owned and operated dubbing studio network and localization capacity in the world,” continued Suh.

Mark Howorth, CEO of SDI Media, said “We’ve successfully partnered with Pixelogic throughout the past year and are impressed with their team, end-to-end servicing model, and pHelix technology platform. Combining Pixelogic’s capabilities with our experienced team, technology, broadest network of owned and operated dubbing studios and our large scale subtitling operation will enable a range of customer benefits including unparalleled localization capacity and faster time to market.”

Imagica Group has a long and rich history in the media and entertainment business, with roots as a film company in Japan dating back to the 1930s. This history includes serving leading filmmakers, creatives and content owners with a range of production, postproduction, localization and distribution services. Today, Imagica Group staffs nearly 4,000 employees worldwide.

“With their support and long-term commitment, the collective capabilities of Pixelogic, Imagica Group and SDI Media are well positioned to extend this history of serving content creators and owners with best-in-class services that are tailored for the rapidly evolving content distribution trends and business models, all of which require increased language support, higher product quality, more technical delivery formats, and faster servicing timelines. These future servicing requirements for our customers underpin the strategic rationale for this exciting affiliation,” said Pixelogic Co-President, Rob Seidel.

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