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Sohonet Launches ClearView Flex Real-Time Remote Attendance Service

Sohonet’s ClearView Flex has solved the problem faced by mobile creatives everywhere: how to work collaboratively from any location.  Launching this November, this combination of hardware, software and connected cloud service was designed to enable creatives to stream live video sessions in real-time to multiple parties from anywhere using just a browser.

ClearView Flex allows secure streaming to anyone with an internet connection and a web browser. While Flex won’t replace the original ClearView when it comes to–say–digging into the details in a hyper precise colour-grading session, it’s a unique tool that provides an easy and convenient means for staying connected during production or post.

Directors, editors, executives, creatives, and others now can all stay in sync and provide meaningful review and approval from anywhere in the world. By means of a FlexBox connected to the edit server or other real-time video source, a specially-encoded stream is sent securely to the Sohonet Cloud, where unique sessions can be streamed to authorised users. Each stream is encrypted from the server to the client and a customised stream identifier is burned into the picture to help link that session to the users watching it.

The stream is delayed by only 2 frames from the original playback, so the viewer can request stop, start, jog, or scrub and see their picture instantly respond. Security is also top-of-mind, so each invite URL can only be used once and will expire after a few minutes if not used. The stream is end-to-end encrypted, and other features, such as second factor PIN-verification will come later this year.

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