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Teradici Expands Support for Multicloud Environments; Enables Companies to Use Any Public, Private or Hybrid Clouds to Build Secure Remote Virtual Workstations

Teradici®, the creator of PCoIP® technology and Cloud Access Software, announced expanded support for multicloud environments. Users of Teradici Cloud Access Software can now manage virtual machines deployed from public clouds, private data centers or any combination of the two via a newly updated Cloud Access Manager. With the introduction of multicloud entitlements, companies can now create and manage these virtual environments on AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure or via their on-premise infrastructure, benefiting from the flexibility and agility that a multicloud strategy enables.

“Teradici is committed to supporting our customers and their multicloud strategy. Expanding the capabilities of Cloud Access Software provides more flexibility and simplifies how businesses can securely deliver high-performance virtual workstations across their entire organization,” said David Smith, CEO of Teradici. “Our technology enables enterprise organizations the flexibility to easily and quickly scale their cloud deployments up or down using a mix of private and public clouds.”

“With the multicloud capabilities of Cloud Access Software, we can connect staff and freelance artists to virtual desktops in our in-studio private cloud or to high performance work environments hosted in the public cloud,” said Jeremy Smith, CTO, Jellyfish Pictures. “We have the flexibility and agility to scale our IT infrastructure, via private or public clouds, based on project requirements.”

Cloud Access Software, powered by PCoIP technology, securely delivers applications and desktops to knowledge workers and power users requiring even the most graphics-intensive applications. For skilled remote teams and contingent workers (freelancers, contractors, agencies, etc.) in computer-aided design (CAD), to architectural design, to 3D modeling and video editing among many others, access to rich applications that enable them to get work done is mission critical.

“With heavy projects consisting of multi-terabytes of data, it is critical for us to process these projects on secure workstations and to keep the data close,” said Paul DiGiacobbe, Geospatial Services Director, Maser Consulting. “By tapping Teradici’s PCoIP powered Cloud Access Software in the public cloud, it will not only allow for secure access to our large sets of data, but it will enable better staff augmentation since we don’t have to move the heavy data to our employees based in different offices across the company.”

Companies are leveraging Teradici’s unique technology to accelerate their enterprise cloud transition without compromising application access or user experience. Teradici’s true multicloud support enables any combination of public or private cloud environments, Windows or Linux virtual desktops and GPU or non-GPU based infrastructure, while, in all cases, delivering the high-performance user experience that millions of enterprises using PCoIP technology enjoy today.

Teradici’s technology is currently used across several industries including media & entertainment. For more information about Cloud Access Software and Cloud Access Manager please visit teradici.com/products/cloud-access/cloud-access-software or read “Futureproof Your Workstations for the Multicloud Era.”

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