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YEP Continues Momentum

Jesse Korosi (Director of Workflow Services at Sim) and Jennifer Zeidan (Media Systems Engineer, Industrial Light & Magic) head up the YEP initiative for HPA alongside WIP leaders Laura Thommen, Kari Grubin, and Belinda Merritt; HPA Board Member Loren Nielsen; and HPA President Seth Hallen.

Since the first class of HPA YEPs was announced last September during the SMPTE Annual Technical Conference, we have been collaborating, connecting and designing the road map for our first year of this committee. The next event that will bring YEPs together will be the HPA Tech Retreat. Some of our YEPs will be presenting at the event, while others will be attending the VR seminar, as well as the Supersession. We are working on a number of additional activities over the next few months, which will soon be announced.

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