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2021 HPA Tech Retreat Unveils Details for the Highly Anticipated, Critical Event

Innovative Schedule and Programming and Launch of Engage Content Platform

The Hollywood Professional Association’s Tech Retreat is among the most anticipated and enduring technical conferences every year, boasting industry-leading speakers, high grade networking opportunities, and rare candor between professionals working on the bleeding edge of technology. The 2021 HPA Tech Retreat, taking place February 15-26, will bring forth the expected high caliber content as well as new and important additions.

As in previous years, the conference schedule will be anchored by main program presentations, curated by HPA Tech Retreat Maestro Mark Schubin. The popular Supersession, Innovation Zone, networking, and breakfast-lunch roundtables will also return. The HPA Tech Retreat has brought industry leading developments, expert opinion and connection to the media content creation community for more than 26 years. It is expected that 2021 will continue to further that trajectory, including the launch of HPA Engage, where compelling content will be available to members year round.

HPA President Seth Hallen outlined the event, which has been reimagined for a virtual setting. “The focus of this year’s event – aptly described as ‘exactly the same, completely different and over the top’ – brings the key elements of the  HPA Tech Retreat directly to our audience. The critical parts of the Retreat: top flight knowledge, the latest technological and product news and reviews, debate and discussion as well as the nearly legendary social networking, have a value that cannot be overstated. With that in mind, we are building an event that we believe will exceed expectations on all of those fronts.  It may not be the same physical event, but it will have all of the verve of the retreat in a different setting.”

  • The Main Conference Program is curated by Mark Schubin alongside the program committee, and fueled with solicited submissions. This year over 110 submissions were received, exceeding the usual response for proposals. The program continues to adhere to the same rules of every Tech Retreat: cutting edge, top tier knowledge sharing presentations only. Marketing content is not permitted.

    Dates: February 15-26, 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. (PST)

  • The HPA Tech Retreat Supersession: Following last year’s “The Lost Lederhosen,” this year supersized with “Found Lederhosen,” a global series of productions and a behind-the-scenes documentary (from Origin Point) that brings the worlds of virtual production, far-flung locations, and remote collaboration to the HPA Tech Retreat in real time. Leading technology companies – many drawn from the pool of Engineering Excellence winners – support productions in Hollywood, Mexico City, London, Dubai, Mongolia, and Australia. The Supersession is again under the leadership of Joachim Zell,  this year in collaboration with Mark Chiolis.

    Dates: February 23 and 24, 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 pm (PST)

  • Breakfast and Lunch Roundtables: While roundtables of the 2021 HPA Tech Retreat won’t be set at actual round tables with participants sharing breakfast, they are designed as lively places to discuss issues. Each will be limited to 12 participants at a time, including the host/moderator. While there is no cost to host a roundtable, it’s strongly suggested that the request is made quickly. There is no deadline, but the capacity limit will not be exceeded. Roundtables will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis and there is no vetting (and no speaker discount conveyed by moderating/hosting a roundtable). The breakfast roundtables are the only part of the retreat where marketing is acceptable. As Schubin says, “hosts/moderators may preach, teach, sell, kvell, ask, take to task, referee fights, or do anything else that keeps the conversation flowing for an hour.” More information is available here.

    Dates: Roundtables will take place on Tuesday, February 16 (9 AM and 1 PM PST); Tuesday, February 23 (9 AM and 1 PM PST); and Wednesday, February 24 (9 AM only).

  • Innovation Zone: Once again, the Innovation Zone provides access to the most important companies at work on innovative technologies and products. Under the stewardship of Eliot Sakhartov, the innovation zone will feature both future-oriented technologies and new and inventive uses for tried and true technologies. More information is available here.

    Dates: February 15 – 17, February 23-24, hours vary

  • Networking remains a critical component of the HPA Tech Retreat. The event’s powerful event platform offers both synchronous networking events and ongoing opportunities to connect directly, whether through in-platform video chatting, LinkedIn networking, group chat, or direct messaging. Networking hours and cocktail events are in development. Attendees will have the opportunity to interact with all attendees and presenters throughout the event, continuing the tradition of connecting the industry.
  • HPA Engage: On February 15, HPA will unveil a new, content rich portal which will serve as a deep vault of creative and technical content for HPA members, including viewpoints of thought leaders, industry voices, award winners, and innovative member companies.  Each day during the HPA Tech Retreat, Mark Schubin will introduce a new piece of content, and contextualize its value.  After the Retreat, content will continue to be added on an ongoing basis. Content will be available to members only.

    In addition to the Tech Retreat, HPA members will have access to HPA’s vast archive of previous events, including past Tech Retreats, Critical Conversations, Town Halls and select Women in Post and NET events.

“This year’s HPA Tech Retreat promises to be one of the most meaningful Tech Retreats we have ever held” said Leon Silverman, past President of HPA and conference program committee member. “The ability to join the smartest and most informed minds and to soak in the latest topics, trends, challenges and solutions is no longer constrained by the time and expense of traveling to Palm Springs. And while spending time at the physical Tech Retreat in the past, and we hope in the near future, delivers a full immersion in all things tech, this virtual event will unlock access to people, thoughts and a depth of content that could never be offered in a physical event. Simply put, the HPA Tech Retreat will be the one place that can help make sense of these times of challenge and promise. If you miss it, you will have missed an important historical industry moment and opportunity to connect with those who will lead us to a future of safety, health and incredible creativity. I urge you to join us for the collaboration, conversation and connection.”

Preregistration is open now at hpaonline.com. The 2021 HPA Tech Retreat is available to members for $199. Non-member registration is $299 and includes one year of HPA membership.

The HPA Tech Retreat takes place thanks to the generosity of Diamond Title Sponsor Adobe; Registration Sponsor Sohonet; and Silver Sponsors Avid, and Blackmagic Design. HPA Engage will be presented on the Envoi platform. For sponsorship and other information, visit hpaonline.com.

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