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Ateliere Creative Technologies (formerly Ownzones) Unveils Its Concept to Consumer Vision for Cloud-based Media Supply Chain

Ateliere Creative Technologies™ has completed the acquisition of Ownzones, combining its vision for the future of cloud-native content management with a suite of proven workflow solutions for content creation. Ateliere recently launched its new brand identity plus several enhancements to its media supply chain technologies – all designed to meet the constantly evolving needs of media and entertainment from concept to the consumer.

Digital entertainment has evolved since Ownzones launched in 2010. The growth of streaming, mobile devices, and social media, combined with increasingly higher consumer expectations for quality content, is altering the media landscape and how companies approach the media supply chain.

With technology and demand increasing rapidly, media companies must know what content they have and how to best use, market, and monetize it. More than simply a name, Ateliere’s new identity reflects these changing market dynamics.

“Ateliere is committed to enabling creative people and companies to produce and deliver great work everywhere media happens,” said Dan Goman, Founder & CEO, Ateliere Creative Technologies. “Content owners, digital asset managers, rights holders, and service providers need to store and process an increasingly high volume of content at scale — while reducing overall costs at the same time. Our technology streamlines workflows and brings creativity to life, from the concept to the consumer, on every screen, anywhere in the world.”

Booming demand for content has broken the existing on-premises, infrastructure-based content supply chain. The solution is cloud-based workflow solutions. Companies investing in technologies, like Ateliere’s cloud-native media supply chain platform, to automate and orchestrate their workflows are saving millions and realizing much faster times to market.

Componentized workflows are critical to cloud adoption. Ateliere’s cloud-native workflow orchestration modules use the Interoperable Master Format (IMF) to consolidate all of the many versions of content into packaged components and reduce the storage footprint by more than 75% by only saving the differences.
Ateliere’s solutions include:

Ateliere Connect™ — a modular, cloud-native media supply chain platform helping media companies of all sizes manage and deliver video content to all popular OTT and streaming services. Users benefit from greater control over their libraries using IMF and the ability to transcode and deliver content exponentially faster — up to 35x — through fully cloud-native parallel processing.

Ateliere Discover™ — an elegant content streaming solution helping media companies distribute their libraries to wider audiences, maximize profits via several monetization options, and reach audiences via their own branded video apps or major OTT marketplaces like Apple TV, Roku, and Amazon Prime.

New features for the Ateliere platforms include:
•Integration with Apple iTunes to create ITMSP packages and deliver content via Apple Transporter
•Addition of an Adobe Panel allowing users to share media between Adobe Premiere and Ateliere Connect
•Ability to take Dolby Atmos content and convert it to Immersive Audio Bitstream MXF for use in IMF packages
•Apple ProRes certification for Ateliere’s proprietary cloud-based Mediawarp encoder to create MXF files
•Integration of the OKTA identity and access platform for multifactor sign-on

For more information on Ateliere Creative Technologies, visit https://ateliere.com/.

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