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Avid Delivers Greater Flexibility and Control to Audio Mixing Workflows with Availability of New EUCON Software

Full monitoring control, ICON-style scroll, and Intelligent Attention workflows enable users to deliver superior mixes faster

Avid recently announced the immediate availability of a new version of EUCON software. The update introduces enhanced functionality to all Avid audio control surfaces, including Pro Tools® | S6, Pro Tools | S3, Pro Tools | Dock, and Artist™ Mix, as well as Pro Tools | Control, Avid’s free iOS iPad app. It includes new monitoring control, ICON-style scroll and Intelligent Attention workflows, allowing customers to deliver superior mixes even faster.

EUCON is Avid’s open, high-speed Ethernet control protocol that allows its control surfaces to connect to a variety of Avid and third-party creative audio and video software solutions, delivering integrated control over multiple applications and workstations, resulting in increased efficiencies and cost-effective workflow expansions. EUCON is currently supported by a wide cross-section of Macintosh- and Windows-based applications, including Pro Tools, Media Composer®, Logic Pro, Cubase, Nuendo, Premiere, Audition and many more.

EUCON 2019.5 delivers:

  • Full EUCON Monitoring Control from the Pro Tools | Control App
    • Controls any EUCON-enabled monitoring system (Pro Tools | MTRX, XMON, D-MON, Pro Tools, Nuendo, Cubase and Pyramix) from an iPad
    • Sections of the control surface can be locked for dedicated monitor control while the rest of the controls can be used to mix another DAW
    • Full control of Source Selection, Speaker Cuts, Talkback and Cues
    • Free Pro Tools | Control App can be used standalone or integrated with Pro Tools | Dock for physical knobs and Softkey buttons
  • ICON-style “Scroll to Track” and “Scroll into View” for EUCON Surfaces (requires Pro Tools 2019.5 update)
    • EUCON surfaces now Scroll and put the top/left most track onto strip one when activated in Pro Tools
  • Pro Tools Pan and Send Window opening and closing (requires Pro Tools 2019.5 update)
    • In addition to the current Plugin Window opening and closing from a control surface, the Pan and Send Windows optionally now follow those function selections from the surface
    • New knob/joystick touch option to show windows gives increased speed and visibility
  • New Intelligent Attention workflows from Pro Tools for all surfaces (requires Pro Tools 2019.5 update)
    • Users now choose what associated track parameters will be mapped to the surface when attentioned
    • The Surface also can focus the clicked Function to the Attention Track knobs. If a user clicks on a Pan in Pro Tools, it will attention that track and then focus the Pan knobs on the surface
  • S6 GPIO Fader Start and Softkey Control (Pro Tools | S6 only)
  • Control Softkeys from GPIs and activate GPOs from Softkeys
  • Assign one or more Faders to GPIs for External Fader Control
  • S6 Enhanced KVM support (Pro Tools | S6 only)
    • Ethernet control of Thinklogical KVMs matrix switches
    • Added dual monitor switching
    • Source and destination naming for Thinklogical and IHSE KVMs


EUCON 2019.5 is available now as a free update for Pro Tools | S3, Pro Tools | Dock, Pro Tools | Control and Artist Series control surfaces, and to Pro Tools | S6 customers on valid support contracts. For more information, visit avid.com.

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