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Call for Entries Opens for the 2021 VES Awards

The Visual Effects Society’s Call for Entries for the 19th Annual VES Awards continues in full swing. Submit your work through the VES Awards Site where you will find all the information you need to create a successful submission. Submission deadline is Tuesday, January 16, 2021.

What’s New This Year Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, there are many changes this year. The most notable is that we have pushed the closing date for submissions to January 16, 2021. Please read the Rules & Procedures to learn more.

1. Movies that were scheduled to release in theaters for 2020 but had their first release on streaming WILL be eligible for this year only.
2. We will be hosting our Nominating Event as an Online Global Live Event, so we will be judging remotely by region as opposed to our Section locations.
3. Remote judges will be able to volunteer from anywhere around the globe. Just note that it would be more convenient for you to judge in regions closest to your time zone.

Set up your schedule Please pay special attention to the schedule for this year, as our Nomination Event will take place on Saturday January 27, 2021. This means that our deadline dates for submissions and the uploading of video materials have been postponed as well.  However, we urge you to make arrangements to address any potential technical issues that could occur around the holiday season.

Choose Entrants Carefully – include Ex-Employees When choosing your entrants for your VES Awards Submission, please take the time to consider the artists most responsible for the work done in relation to the given category. All artists on the project should be considered, even if they are currently no longer employed at your facility.

Specific Arts Category Restriction The Specific Arts Categories (9 through 24) are intended to honor the artists directly involved in creating the effects and animation. Therefore, Producers, Executive Producers, and other managers are not allowed as entrants.

Avoid Last Minute Changes When completing your submission for the VES Awards, please choose your entrants thoughtfully. Name changes will not be allowed after the nominations have been announced. Pay special attention to the spelling of names with accents or punctuation.

Why Wait? Go ahead and submit the paperwork portion for your entry as soon as possible. There is no need to wait until you have your video materials ready. By doing this, you will be able to address any issues or concerns with your submission sooner rather than having them crop up during the busy holiday season.

Preparing Before & Afters Make sure that you only present video material that is contextual to the work being considered. Any uploaded PDFs of written materials must have the same number as your submission. You can find more helpful and technical information about preparing your before & afters by going to the “WHAT SHOULD BE UPLOADED?” section of your submission category.

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