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Cinedeck Announces Windows Support for CineXinsert While Streamlining Finishing Workflows with Additional Toolsets

CineXinsert provides true insert editing to flat files for program repair and versioning workflows, saving time and money.

Cinedeck, developer of versatile videoand playback tools, announced that the Windows version of their cineXtools kit for cineXinsert will be shipping the end of September. CineXinsert, introduced at the 2016 NAB show, is the world’s only cross-codec, cross-wrapper, file-based insert editor. Since its launch earlier this year, cineXtools kit for OS X has already started changing the way Hollywood works.

Using a familiar NLE style Player/Recorder interface, cineXinsert is the patent-pending, file-based insert edit technology built into cineXtools. True file-based insert editing allows users to frame-accurately overwrite new segments of video, audio, or closed captioning in closed flat files, without re-rendering or re-exporting entire programs. Editors can dramatically increase their efficiency by using cineXinsert to make changes to files rather than repeating the multi-hour re-export and re-QC process.

Accompanying the Windows version are several new features. Newly added is a complete audio versioning module for reorganizing existing audio tracks or building new layouts. Audio versioning also supports inserting up to 32 tracks of separate wave files providing full deliverable flexibility. In addition, a complete DPP (UK – Digital Production Partnership) metadata editing interface has been added. Other unique capabilities include instant timecode re-striping that allows changing the running timecode of files, switching between drop and non-drop timecode, file trimming to remove portions of the start and or end of a file and more.

“The ability to simply replace a few frames of video or a bit of audio in an existing file instead of re-exporting an entire program is life-changing for an editor. File-based insert edit shatters the decades old belief that files cannot be edited,” says Charles Dautremont, Cinedeck CTO. “With cineXinsert now a cross-platform application and new features like audio versioning and the built-in DPP metadata editing, cineXinsert enables everyone to streamline their deliverables process.”

The resolution independent CineXtools can be used with 4K, HD and SD material and supports the most common production codecs including ProRes, DNxHD, XDCAM HD and AVC Intra in the most common file wrappers including Quick Time and MXF.

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