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Digital Filmtree’s Ramy Katrib Joins Advanced Imaging Society Board of Governors

Ramy Katrib

The Advanced Imaging Society (A.I.S.) has welcomed Ramy Katrib, CEO and founder of DigitalFilm Tree, to the non-profit’s Board of Governors. Founded in 2009 in Encino, California, the A.I.S. includes major M&E studios and technology companies like DreamWorks Animation Studios, Pixar Animation Studios, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, Warner Bros., Marvel, Sony Pictures Entertainment, NBC Entertainment, Fox, Dolby Labs, DTS Inc., and others.

”Each year The Society invites a distinguished group of our industry’s leaders to set the course for our members and the wider community as we navigate the rapidly changing entertainment environment,” comments Jim Chabin, President, The Advanced Imaging Society, on Katrib’s newfound role on the A.I.S. Board of Governors. “Ramy Katrib brings expertise and a deep understanding of the market forces at work in 2019, and we are gratified he now joins our leadership.”

“A.I.S. represents a focus on the imaging side of our industry and the technologies that will be in play now, and into the future,” Katrib reciprocates about his enthusiasm for the association. “AIS  continues developing relationships with members who are already applying the latest concepts in production, like game-engine motion capture and other advancements where traditional production techniques, like lighting and imaging, are now commingling with ever advancing game engine cinematic capabilities.”

Celebrating their 10th anniversary, the association’s annual “On The Lot” conference ran symposiums, meet-and-greets, and discussions over three days this last December 12-14th at several affiliated locations: Paramount Studios in Hollywood, The Microsoft Metastage at Culver Studios, and the brand new Google Offices within the Spruce Goose Hangar 15 found in Playa Vista.

Katrib, who led a lively discussion with industry stalwarts Mary Duda, Ann Greenberg and Mariana Acuña on the latest efficiencies available to modern asset management, followed the opening keynote at On The Lot with the first panel discussion, “A.I. and YOU: Machine Learning to Power Your Production”. AI has been finding itself incorporated into background technologies on everything from live sports to events like the Grammys.

“I truly believe we can connect the production and imaging process to post production in a more seamless way, a more efficient way, that’s mutually beneficial,” he continues on his new role at the Advanced Imaging Society. With interests in the burgeoning fields of VR, AR, 3D, Cloud, IP, Realtime and Virtual Storytelling, Katrib and DigitalFilm Tree, known informally as DFT, have pioneered nearly two decades of digital post, from software services to file based to cloud based to IP based workflows in Los Angeles.

“There are the workflows that represent traditional imaging, and on the other side of the continuum, are newer notions that you can image something entirely from within a game engine, create an entire world, and have adjustable camera perspectives, or living sets, and other advantages. We’re proposing not to create additional content for VR headsets, or to create games, but rather to use technology, like Unity, a game engine, to further empower traditional productions and storytellers.”

From remote cloud management to object storage and archival needs, the company also provides a variety of customizable technical services for professional and collaborative VFX, color grade and edit possibilities. ProStack, for example, is their award-winning, high security post platform to enable instantly accessible, globally deployable production and post services like transcode and transport from a private, high-density cloud storage system.

Katrib and DigitalFilm Tree join post production and mixed reality members in the A.I.S. including Technicolor, NVIDIA, Dell, Cisco, HP, Samsung VR, Futurism Entertainment, AR Wall, OpenDrives, Rays3D, and more. Recent credits for DFT include NCIS: Los Angeles, Wrecked, The 100, and Roseanne.

Serving thousands of professional participants in over 20 countries, the A.I.S. has chapters in the U.S., China, Japan, Canada, the E.U., India and the U.K. On January 30th, the Advanced Imaging Society will present their yearly Lumiere Awards for best motion picture, TV, VR, AR and XR content.

For more information please visit: www.digitalfilmtree.com

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