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ELEMENTS unique MAM “Media Library” just got smarter with exciting new features

The sophisticated, yet easy to use media asset management software, embedded in the media storage, incorporates many one-of-a-kind features, including an embedded media player that can playback up to four videos simultaneously – selectively synchronous and asynchronous, allowing comparison of four editing versions concurrently. Accessible through a HTML5-based GUI, Media Library doesn’t only allow for viewing and pre-selecting clips but it even functions as a highly efficient communication portal – right were the assets live, highly secure and streamlined. Gathering opinions, notions and ideas of all people involved becomes a breeze, even via great physical distances, as authorized users can leave frame‐accurate comments and even apply on-screen drawings to set visual markers for any frame or clip – simply by using a mouse or touch screen on any standard PC, Mac or tablet. Without the need of complicated explanations or potentially inaccurate time code references, all annotations are directly tied to the actual image. By keeping all comments in one place email chaos is a thing of the past.

ELEMENTS task manager works seamlessly with the Media Library, allowing to set up tailored event triggers that, for instance, automatically distribute email notifications to an unlimited number of dedicated users, as soon as changes have been applied, comments have been added or new versions need to be reviewed or approved, keeping everyone involved in the project is always up‐to‐date.

The Media Library also contains a Rough-Cut Editor comparable to other professional editing tools that cover a spectrum of editing rough-cut functionalities. In addition, the Media Library editor enhances and simplifies approval and communication processes during projects by allowing for frame-accurate comments and even drawings on the source material to indicate areas of interest.

Equipped with a full text search engine, powered by AI (Artificial Intelligence), assets are automatically tagged and can be located in the most efficient and fast fashion.

Media Library now comes with a newly implemented Slack interface that allows authorized Slack users to get automatic project updates and notifications. A new “smart recycle bin” will also be shown for the first time.

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