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HPA 2015 Tech Retreat : A Brief Recap

We’ve all been to conferences, but as John Maizels discovered…

This one is different.

Start with the name: “The HPA Tech Retreat.” If that sounds like getting away from normality, then it’s with a reason: the HPA Tech Retreat is distinguished from its conference brethren by a plethora of little and big differences, which Leon Silverman, President of HPA*, calls the “Secret Sauce.”

The location is sublime: Palm Springs literally is an oasis in the desert. After three hours of fighting freeways to get out of Los Angeles, you arrive at a place with a natural air of calm; close enough to get to, but far enough away that you wouldn’t drive home—so even the Hollywood locals hang around. You stay in a resort-class hotel, and amble to the event. Wear what you like; pajamas would fit right in. After all, it’s a retreat…

[link_button href=”http://hollywoodpostalliance.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/HPA-Tech-Reteat-2015-by-John-Maizels.pdf” size=”medium” style=”style4″ target=”_blank”]Read the compete article in PDF Format here[/link_button]

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