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HPA 2020 Tech Retreat, Part 3

By Michael Guncheon

HPA Tech Retreat 2020

On the second day of the Hollywood Professional Association Tech Retreat’s Supersession, several scenes were shot for a short film. It demonstrated several technologies now being used on set and in post-production. Last time, I wrote about in-camera effects, but there was a lot more. Maybe not as flashy but still important.

Digital dailies and extensive use of the cloud enabled access to footage by various artists. Interestingly, they ended up shooting about 1.5 TBs of footage for this 11-minute film. By the end of the project, that had grown to about 12 TBs of data.

With any discussion about using the cloud (or moving footage by any means), security is an issue. During the tech retreat, this was evident. One technology discussed was how to secure the media at the source. Rather than security methods that vary from facility to facility, data is encrypted at the beginning. Put it another way, the data protects itself.


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