Paul Chapman, Kari Grubin, and Joachim Zell Join Board of Directors; Michael DeValue to Represent SMPTE

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The Hollywood Professional Association (HPA) announced at last week’s HPA Tech Retreat that Paul Chapman, Kari Grubin, and Joachim Zell have joined the HPA Board of Directors, with three-year terms that began January 1, 2020. Michael DeValue joins the Board for a one-year term as the SMPTE representative, a role vacated by Chapman at the end of his term.

HPA President Seth Hallen commented “The HPA Board of Directors demands passionate commitment from its members: time, big thinking, and hard work. With these appointments, we’ve turned to the talented people who have already contributed significantly to the organization: Kari, by chairing Women in Post and helping launch the successful Young Entertainment Professionals (YEP) program; Paul, by acting as our liaison to SMPTE; and JZ, with his active work on the HPA Awards committee and his leadership of the demanding program for this year’s Supersession at the HPA Tech Retreat. Furthermore, each of them has built an astonishing resume in their more than full-time jobs. We are delighted to welcome them onto the Board, where we will ask even more of their time and brilliance! I am also thrilled to have Michael join us as the SMPTE representative; we’ve done great things with SMPTE and that’s absolutely been fueled by the active involvement of a SMPTE representative on our board.”

Chapman (Sim), Grubin, Zell (EFILM), and DeValue join current board members Seth Hallen (Pixelogic Media), President; Chuck Parker (Sohonet), Vice President; Bill Roberts (Panavision), Treasurer; Vincent Maza (Red Bee Media), Secretary; Leon Silverman (Netflix), Past President; Barbara Lange, HPA Executive Director; Wendy Aylesworth (Walden Pond); Mark Chiolis (Mobile TV Group); Craig German (Amazon Studios); journalist Carolyn Giardina; Loren Nielsen (Xperi); and Phil Squyres (Sony Pictures Television).

Hallen closed, “HPA continues to expand and play an invaluable role in our industry.  There are many exciting developments that will be announced in the coming months, and it is more important than ever that a talented Board is in place. Now with the additions of Paul, Kari, JZ and Michael, we are ready to continue our forward motion.”

For further information, visit www.hpaonline.com.


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