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HPA Intros the Age of the ‘Digital Immediate’ with Help from AWS

by Jack Wenzinger

HPA Tech Retreat 2020

Historically, filmmaking has been a linear process. Scenes are shot, and reviewed via an on-set playback device, then the day’s footage is sent to kick off the dailies process. Video cards, shuttle drives, and other portable media are used to get the content to a production facility to ingest it, perform checksums, create proxies, and kick off downstream workflows for color, editorial, conform, and several other creative services. It’s a process full of surprises and talented post professionals making adjustments (read “diving save”) to the digital gift that shows up at the end of the day. A new approach to content production is poised to shake up this traditional model and drastically compress project timelines: near real-time filmmaking with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and APN technology partners. Led by the Hollywood Professional Association (HPA), the proof-of-concept workflow removes dependencies on offline dailies processes and instead facilitates immediate review of captured scenes.

Read the full article at aws.amazon.com

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