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HPA Tech Retreat: Academy Color Encoding System Updates

By Debra Kaufman

HPA Tech Retreat 2020

Under the aegis of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, hundreds of motion picture and TV technologists created ACES (Academy Color Encoding System), a color management system to enable color decisions to be successfully retained throughout the workflow. Since ACES debuted in 2014, the system has achieved SMPTE standardization and continues to evolve, under the leadership of chair Annie Chang and vice chairs Rod Bogart and Joachim “JZ” Zell. Chang listed some recent updates found in ACES 1.2.

Chang noted that ACES 1.2 includes “community-driven revisions to the CLF (Common LUT format) spec and ACES Metadata File (AMF, formerly ACESclip) spec.” She also enumerated practical problems with image matching (non-ACES related), including “different RAW settings; comparison method (rendered TIFFs vs. Quicktime files) and color management issues outside of the ACES pipeline; different framing; and implementation details (such as GPU vs. LUT box).


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