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HPA Tech Retreat Blog: the cloud, storage, metadata, more

By Tom Coughlin

HPA Tech Retreat 2020

Object storage is the key technology behind most cloud storage offerings and there were a number of exhibits at last week’s 2014 HPA Tech Retreat in Indian Wells, California, offering cloud-based storage of M&E content.

Zadara Storage is offering SAN/NAS-as-a-Service solutions with a Virtual Private Storage Array (VPSA). The VPSAs offer iSCSI block or NFS/CIFS file storage. The user keeps the keys that allow access to data-in-flight as well as data-at-rest encrypted data. The company is offering this VPSA service using leading cloud providers or with their Zadara Storage Engines.

Avere was showing their FlashCloud for unlimited capacity scaling in the close and unlimited performance scaling at the Edge. The Avere FXT Edge Filer offers access to private cloud objects, public cloud objects as well as legacy NAS through a WAN. Thus these filers integrate public and private cloud assets as well as legacy NAS into a global namespace (GNS). Offerings such as this enable M&E companies to storage their content where it makes the most sense in terms of availability, performance and cost.


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