HPA Tech Retreat: Evolving Security for Media & Entertainment

By Debra Kaufman

HPA Tech Retreat 2020

An increasing concern over content security was the subject of HBO/WarnerMedia productions and content security head Marc Zorn’s talk on “Why Traditional Information Security Doesn’t Fit in Most of Media & Entertainment.” “Film security was based on physical controls,” he said. “Post production began after photography, and threats were primarily from post onwards.” Once the workflow became digital, he added, threats to digital media looked like IT security, “from an IT security professional’s perspective.”

The MPAA adopted international standards for information security management — ISO 17799/27000 domains — but, “it was more about compliance and didn’t address our problems in production,” said Zorn. “ISO 27000 was adopted to a set of best practices and they began a security audit program at the studios,” he recounted. “We had a compliance regime focused on post production that the big studios imposed on their vendors.”


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