Marquis Broadcast introduces cloud support for Project Parking at IBC 2017

Marquis Lumberjack

Marquis Broadcast, the leading manufacturer of media and metadata management tools for post-production and broadcast, has announced cloud support for its Project Parking Avid storage management solution. This successful Avid ISIS and NEXIS application provides project analytics, visualisation, management and archiving, with cloud support delivering a seamless multi-site Avid workflow, ideal for film production and broadcast.

Project Parking is compatible with many different cloud storage providers, including Amazon, Microsoft, Dell EMC, Oracle and IBM, and is Avid-certified for added confidence. The software understands the relationships between Avid projects, folders and bins and all its media, examining project files and compiling a list of complete media references. Project Parking identifies how space is used, removes unused and duplicate media, archives projects and moves projects with media to other storage or systems. Projects can also be merged from other systems without media duplication. The system monitors how media storage is used, regularly reporting on usage, showing usage over time, plus archiving projects and executing analysis in the background.

Chris Steele, Managing Director, Marquis Broadcast, comments, The addition of cloud support for Project Parking makes for a great collaboration story. For example, you could be editing a film in Los Angeles, while filming is still taking place in New Zealand. The project can be parked in Los Angeles at night, then restored to the other side of the world via the cloud, enabling the director to see the story so far and to understand what still needs work. The director can then in turn upload the daily assemblies to the cloud via Project Parking, allowing the editing team to work with the very latest footage. Cloud support for Project Parking now makes it simple to move complete Avid projects, together with all the bins, sequences and media files, to any other location worldwide. In fact, we’re enabling the easiest transformation to hybrid cloud post production.

Marquis Broadcast
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