Nurturing Next Gen Talent: Welcoming the 2024 Young Entertainment Professionals

In the ever-evolving landscape of the media and entertainment industry, a spotlight is cast on the Young Entertainment Professionals (YEP) program. Selected annually, this initiative, incubated by the Women in Post committee in 2016, stands as a beacon for emerging talents, cultivating the next generation of entertainment professionals. This year’s class, a testament to diversity both in background and expertise, showcases the program’s commitment to recognizing excellence across various companies and industry disciplines.

YEP participants aren’t just passive observers; they actively take center stage, contributing to industry events and making their mark. From participating in panels at the HPA Tech Retreat, Women in Post events, and NET events to producing webinars and contributing columns to the HPA Newsline, these young talents are shaping the future of the industry. Their active engagement and presence in key gatherings drive our own innovation and collaboration.

At its core, the YEP program is a catalyst for personal and professional growth. It offers a comprehensive support system, including mentoring, education, and introductions to industry leaders. This holistic approach empowers YEP participants to confidently navigate the complexities of the media and entertainment landscape.

The newest class of 2024 YEPs includes Benjamin White (Light Iron), Brian Tran (Day for Nite), Carin Mazaira (disguise), Christopher Tjajadi (Netflix), Fernanda Schaefer (NBCUniversal), Hao Chen (Sphere Entertainment Co.), James Flores (Backblaze), Jenna Field (ArsenalFX Color), Jimmy Qiu (Picture Shop), Kennedy Daniel (Disney Entertainment), Kiera Williams (Freelance), Lauren Schwartzbard (Sphere Entertainment Co.), Luis Lagera (Star Trek Discover), Molly Hill (Walt Disney Studios), Starry Ye (26 Seconds), and Scout Pruski (Picture Shop). This diverse group represents a kaleidoscope of backgrounds, expertise, and companies, bringing unique perspectives and skill sets to the industry.

As we welcome these dynamic individuals, it’s evident that the YEP program continues to attract a diverse and talented pool of professionals. We can’t wait to highlight their individual achievements across the industry spectrum.

The YEP program stands as a testament to the industry’s dedication to fostering talent and celebrating diversity. By providing a platform for emerging professionals to shine, YEP significantly contributes to shaping a future where the media and entertainment landscape is vibrant, dynamic, and enriched by the diverse perspectives and creative energies of the next generation. As these young talents embark on their journey with the support of YEP, the industry can anticipate a future that reflects the richness and variety of voices shaping the world of media and entertainment.

If you see any of our YEPs around, whether working around town or at the HPA Tech Retreat, be sure to introduce yourself and say hello! Welcome to the HPA family, and congratulations!

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