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Object Matrix Announces Extended Hybrid Workflow Options

Object Matrix has announced a successful update of the MatrixStore Hybrid workflow toolset to include integrations to AWS – S3 and Glacier, Microsoft Azure – Hot, Cool and Archive Tiers, Wasabi, Seagate Lyve, and Google Cloud Platform – Standard, Nearline and Archive Buckets.

Following rigorous testing protocols, Object Matrix has integrated and tested the common cloud buckets, writing to their APIs, meaning customers can now benefit from flexible multi-cloud options and hybrid workflows.

Customers want to have the ability to access and protect their media assets in a flexible and automated manner. When working with multiple cloud vendors, companies need the ability to be able to share that across these platforms with their partners and their own internal or external customers.

Nick Pearce, Sales and Marketing Director at Object Matrix commented: “With automated MatrixStore vault to cloud storage options, our customers can use one or all of the main cloud storage solutions for a deep, cold third copy of their assets or even simply just copying assets to the cloud to trigger other workflows. Our customers want choice and barriers removed to accessing and sharing archive content with their global community. Our MatrixStore Hybrid solution gives our customers that choice.

Vaults on the MatrixStore object storage platform can also be configured to keep multiple copies of content locally until such time that a confirmed copy is held in the cloud platform. At this time, the number of local copies can automatically be reduced to a pre-defined number. This automation reduces the operational steps required to protect content in hybrid workflows.”

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