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Panalux Unveils Panalux Power i-Series All-Electric Power Solutions

Company also expands Panalux Sonara LED range with new 3:2 form factor

Panalux, a leading provider of lighting and power solutions for the motion-picture industry and part of Panavision’s end-to-end service offerings for image makers, has introduced the Panalux Power i-Series range of portable lithium-ion battery arrays, providing eco-conscious all-electric power for a variety of on- and near-set applications. Additionally, the company has expanded the popular Panalux Sonara range of variable-white soft-light LED fixtures with the new Panalux Sonara 3:2.

At launch, the Panalux Power i-Series comprises the i2 and i4 240V portable power units, providing instant, silent, emission-free power in virtually any location. The units’ compact form factor makes them unobtrusive in studio or location environments, and all-terrain wheels and an IP55 rating make them equally suitable for the most remote outdoor locations.

The i2, with a capacity of 5kWh and a maximum load of 2kW, is ideally suited to powering work lights, monitors, laptops, tablets and phones, while the i4, with a capacity of 10kWh and a maximum load of 4kW, can handle more power-hungry devices like tea urns, media servers and film lights. Each i-Series unit can be used as a standalone power source or, when connected to a mains outlet, as an uninterruptible power supply (UPS), providing protection against interruptions to the primary power source.

The i2 and i4 each feature a 32A inlet for charging or use as a UPS, along with 16A, 13A and USB outputs to allow a variety of devices to be connected without the need for adaptors or stage boxes. All inputs and outputs are RCD protected. Both units also incorporate an LCD display indicating power consumption and battery level.

“We’ve developed the Panalux Power i-Series to be the perfect complement for any type of project,” said Dave Amphlett, technical director for Panalux. “The advanced lithium-ion battery arrays in the Panalux Power i2 and Panalux Power i4 allow crews to mitigate their diesel-generator running hours. In turn, that significantly reduces the emission of nitrogen oxides and particulates and helps to eliminate noise pollution.”

The Panalux Power i-Series joins the Panalux Power h40 hybrid generator in the company’s expanding line of proprietary, innovative and eco-conscious power solutions. Panalux Power’s all-electric i-Series and hybrid h-Series provide a wide range of environmental benefits without compromising on output or reliability.

The new Panalux Sonara 3:2 incorporates the same innovative LED light engine found in the groundbreaking Panalux Sonara 4:4, now in a smaller and lighter-weight form factor. The fixture’s 3’x2′ size makes it easy to transport and well-suited to a diverse range of applications.

Like Panalux Sonara 4:4, the new Panalux Sonara 3:2 delivers soft, wraparound, colour-accurate white light with a CCT range of 1600°K-20000°K and a built-in library of select LEE Filters gel emulations. All Panalux Sonara fixtures also offer 0-100% dimming, flicker-free performance tested to 10,000 fps, full connectivity options including native LumenRadio CRMX, and a range of control modes that can be easily navigated via detachable controller and intuitive user interface.

“Our in-house R&D team are in constant dialogue with the crews we service, feeding their input directly into the development of our groundbreaking proprietary products,” said Panalux managing director Mark Furssedonn. “Panalux were the first lighting company to introduce a high-capacity hybrid generator for motion-picture production, and with the Panalux Power i-Series, we’re taking further steps toward realising a sustainable future for our industry. Likewise, the Panalux Sonara range combine energy-efficient LED technology with cutting-edge features that open new avenues for creative expression. These new proprietary offerings exemplify Panalux’s commitment to providing our customers with the most innovative and forward-looking solutions to meet their lighting and power needs.”

The Panalux Power i2 and i4 and Panalux Sonara 3:2 are available for hire only from Panalux.

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