QTAKE Pioneers Live 3D Stream to Apple Vision Pro

QTAKE, the leading video assist and on-set collaboration software trusted by professional filmmakers worldwide, launched a new cutting-edge feature at NAB 2024. QTAKE Live 3D Stream enables live stereoscopic streaming directly to Apple Vision Pro and establishes QTAKE as the first and only solution to offer real-time 3D content delivery to this remarkable device.

QTAKE has a longstanding reputation for its unique support of stereoscopy, providing industry-standard 3D output in both live and playback modes. The introduction of Apple Vision Pro presents a remarkable opportunity for on-set monitoring, particularly in constrained environments where space and lighting are critical factors. Apple Vision Pro expands the boundaries of filmmaking, transforming the device into a premier 3D monitor with unparalleled viewing quality.

While other solutions offer 3D playback compatibility with Apple Vision Pro, QTAKE Monitor stands alone in its ability to stream live 3D content directly to this device.

“This development opens up unprecedented possibilities for filmmakers, allowing them to view and interact with stereoscopic content in real time, making critical decisions in constrained conditions more efficiently than ever before,” said Vlado Struhar, CEO at QTAKE.

QTAKE’s Live 3D Stream supports simultaneous 2D/3D multi-view and resolution of up to 4K, as well as other advanced monitoring capabilities of the standard QTAKE Stream, such as ultra-low latency, forensic watermarking, enhanced Dolby Vision® support and more.

The Live 3D Stream to Apple Vision Pro is currently available in beta, with the official release to be announced soon.

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