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Real-Time Remote Editing from ClearView Flex

Sohonet explores how best to recreate the over-the-shoulder, real-time editing experience with your teams and clients from home with ClearView Flex.

Editors can use ClearView Flex to enable remote editing in two powerful scenarios. Firstly, they can be liberated to work remotely from their full edit suite when creating the edit. By remotely accessing their (physical or virtual) workstation with a solution like Teradici, they can view and control the edit interface from anywhere – while Flex streams the SDI output in full HD with minimal latency. This enables the editor to carry a fully functional edit suite in their laptop bag wherever they go – while all the valuable footage remains securely on the server.

Secondly, ClearView Flex also changes the game when it’s time to collaborate on the edit in progress, enabling key decision makers like the director and producer to join the session from anywhere in the world – on for high-quality, large screen viewing via Apple TV or just functional reviews on their tablet, phone or Mac/PC, The editor can stream their workspace via their workstation’s HDMI output, providing a full view of the timeline, bins/media libraries and source viewer, for a collaborative editing experience with other creatives. With a click, the editor can switch over to stream the resulting cut via the SDI output in full-screen frame-accurate HD quality for approval. This allows everyone to refine and review the edit together – as they would on the workstation and main monitor if they were all together in the same edit suite.

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