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So, Tell Me More About More

“So, Tell Me More About More”
Presented at the SMPTE-HPA Symposium
El Capitan Theatre, Hollywood, CA

Recorded October 20, 2014.

Get schooled in the technical considerations necessary to wrap our heads around resolution, contrast, color, frame rate, screen brightness, and immersive sound. A nuts and bolts, step-by-step explanation that will serve as the foundation to better understand the topics of the day.

Direct Link (70 MB / 49:10 TRT): So, Tell Me More About More

[link_button href=”http://www.schubincafe.com/2014/10/27/so-tell-me-more-about-more/” size=”medium” style=”style3″ target=”_blank”]See the article at the Schubin Cafe[/link_button]

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