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Sohonet Awarded Digital Production Partnership ‘Committed to Security’ Mark

Logo_sohonet_TR2013Sohonet, the global experts in connectivity, media services and network security for the media and entertainment industry, has been awarded the Digital Production Partnership (DPP) ‘Committed to Security’ mark for both the production and broadcast sectors.

To qualify for the programme, suppliers must have demonstrated, both their commitment to best cybersecurity practices for the production and broadcast communities but also their dedication to building a stronger, more secure media supply chain.

Prior to the programme being announced at IBC 2017, 10 companies including The Farm Group, Dropbox and Microsoft had worked closely with the DPP to develop and enhance the programme — now Sohonet is pleased to join a selective (yet growing) community of companies committed to cybersecurity, who hold the DPP Security mark.

“As our customers transition to more-virtualized and cloud-based infrastructure, protecting their high-value media content becomes ever more paramount,” said Ben Roder, CTO at Sohonet. “Sohonet tailors each security solution to fit the needs of each customer whilst leveraging deep industry understanding of the ever-evolving threats facing this industry.”

Roeder added, “We’re huge supporters of the DPP and the work they have done for the M&E industry, we hope the DPP Security mark, will further evidence this industry’s commitment to security.”

Mark Harrison, managing director of the DPP said, ​”We’re delighted that Sohonet has been awarded the DPP’s Committed to Security mark for both broadcast and production. They are part of a rapidly growing community of companies who hold the DPP Security mark. It demonstrates Sohonet’s clear commitment to cybersecurity best practice, and to playing their part in building a more secure media supply chain.”

Further information about Sohonet is available at www.sohonet.com

Further information about DPP is available at www.digitalproductionpartnership.co.uk

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