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Sohonet Honored with Lumiere Award from The Advanced Imaging Society for Clear View Flex

Annual Honors Distinguish Technical Achievement in Entertainment

Sohonet, the global experts in connectivity, media services and network security for the media and entertainment industry, has received a 2021 Lumiere Award from The Advanced Imaging Society. The company was honored for its groundbreaking ClearView Flex, a user-friendly, real-time remote collaboration capability with a wide range of uses for creatives in pre-production, production, VFX and post production.

“Thank you to The Advanced Imaging Society for recognizing Sohonet with this honor,” says Chuck Parker, Sohonet CEO. “Our team is driven by a vision to revolutionise the way Storytellers create content by making collaboration seamless and more secure, and with ClearView Flex we’re focused on providing individuals working across film, TV and advertising with the most flexible and secure real-time review service possible.”

ClearView Flex provides an ‘over-the-shoulder’ live-viewing experience for creative team members who can’t be in the same place at the same time, allowing real-time collaboration that mimics being in the creative suite together — but from their personal media devices anywhere in the world. Built to bring remote teams together in a rock-solid, studio-approved and secure ecosystem, ClearView Flex provides high-quality, low-latency streaming options for “critical review,” which enables reliable and efficient collaborations across production & post workflows.

The Advanced Imaging Society’s 11th Annual Entertainment Technology Lumiere Awards recognize “distinguished technical achievements” driving the entertainment industry forward with “impact through innovation.” The Society was formed a decade ago to educate, demonstrate, and recognize emerging technologies to accelerate the success of next-generation consumer experiences.

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