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The Award-winning Spanish Editor Antonio Gómez-Pan Goes to Therapy

Antonio Gómez Pan

Therapy Studios, the Emmy Award-winning LA-based post production company, continues its trend of attracting top talent with the addition of editor Antonio Gómez-Pan.

Born in Madrid, and currently splitting his time between his hometown, Barcelona, and now Los Angeles, Antonio Gómez-Pan has been winning awards since before he even finished his Bachelor of Arts in Film Editing at the prestigious cinema school ESCAC. Antonio says his journey to editing was “sort of a Darwinian process,” after he burnt his hands on some fresnel lights and “discovered the beauty of film editing.” While still in school, he edited Mi Amigo Invisible (2010), which premiered at Sundance Film Festival and Elefante (2012), which won the Best Short Film Award at the LA Film Festival and the Sitges Film Festival, along with many others.

From there, Antonio became a close collaborator of many of Spain’s leading directors and production companies. His feature work includes Puzzled Love, Hooked Up, and Othello, which won Best European Independent Film at ÉCU 2013. On the advertising side, Antonio has worked with global brands like Adidas, Coca-Cola, Chanel, Unicef, Volkswagen, Nike, Ikea, Toyota, and many more. Recently, he was appointed an Academic by the Spanish Motion Picture Arts & Sciences Academy, on top of winning the Gold Medal for Best Editing in Berlin.

Whether it’s a 30-second spot, short film, or feature documentary, Antonio treats every project with the same reverence. When asked what his favorite format is, Antonio couldn’t choose, saying, “I love commercials because of their immediacy and the need to be able to synthesize, but feature films can be more personal and narratively engaging. Music videos are where you are freer to experiment and the editor’s hand is more visible. Documentaries are so rewarding because they’re created in the editing room more than any other genre. I really cannot choose among them.” His enthusiasm for working across the scale is part of why he was drawn to Therapy, where he says, “They do everything, from broadcast campaigns to long-format shows like HBO’s Sonic Highways. And they are at the top of their game in every genre.”

Antonio is thrilled to join Therapy’s esteemed roster of editors, which includes Doobie White, Kristin McCasey, Lenny Mesina, Meg Ramsay, Steve Prestemon and Jake Shaver. Among such an inspiring group and with the support of Therapy’s producers, Antonio says he will be able to truly focus on the creative aspects of the work. He said, “Editorial houses don’t exist in Spain, so we are also the one dealing with the salary, the schedule and all other non-creative parts of the process. That puts you in a tricky position even before you sit down in the editing suite. The role is incredibly rewarding and the editor is held in high esteem, but already I’ve found that we’re much more protected and respected here in the States.”

He went on to say that the team at Therapy truly understands his passion for telling stories, “I’m so proud and grateful to be working at Therapy. Here I’ve found a group that supports me, and who demonstrate huge talent in every single thing they do… and I finally have to admit that my friends were right when they said I needed Therapy.”



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