What’s Coming This Summer

Summer blahs? Hardly! The next few months are chock full of events to keep you engaged, educated, and connected straight through to autumn.

HPA’s WIP Summer Luncheons will take place on July 18 and August 15, keeping the conversation going after a tremendously successful evening event hosted by Netflix. If you haven’t already attended one, you’re missing out! These events are a staple of the season, connecting women in the industry and offering support, information, networking opportunities, and fun.

EditFest London is happening this Saturday, and the LA event is just around the corner on August 24. EditFest is where you’ll find top editors engaged in in-depth conversations with one another and offering insights, advice, and their perspectives on every matter of interest to editors.

July brings two heavy hitters: Comic-Con in San Diego and Siggraph 2019 in LA. Both promise insight into 2020 and beyond for our industry.

After that, it’s not long until IBC, including the IMF User Group workshop; the next NET Lunch; SMPTE 2019; and even the HPA Awards!

The scale and velocity of technological evolution in our industry can be both inspiring and intimidating. Make it a point to attend the events that are relevant to your work to stay up-to-date and connected with others laboring in the trenches, and bring back what you learn to inspire others!

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