2018 HPA Tech Retreat: What We Heard About HDR, HFR, ATSC 3.0, ACESnext and More

The HPA Tech Retreat this year was bigger than ever and just as fascinating, as it touched on topics as disparate as high dynamic range, high frame rates, ACES, artificial intelligence and computer vision. Here’s a high-level summary.

High Dynamic Range (HDR)

Panelists described the ongoing integration of HDR into production and post pipelines, as well as consumer devices. Dolby VP, Technology Pat Griffis clarified the basic definition of HDR which, he said, is more accurately characterized as color volume. “HDR has taken the lid off Pandora’s box and made many more colors available, not just contrast but brightness,” he noted, defining color volume as “the 3D palette of all the colors that can be reproduced at all allowable intensities.”

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