2021 HPA Tech Retreat Assembles Speakers to Meet the Historic Moment

Registration opens for this important event that brings AI/ML, remote collaboration, virtual production, COVID era content creation together

While the HPA Tech Retreat has long been recognized as the common ground forum of the industry’s most thoughtful technical minds, this year’s event comes at a seminal moment in time. At the confluence of the impact of pandemic and technology renaissance, against a changing landscape of media and entertainment, this year’s program curators are setting the stage for an event and knowledge exchange like no other Tech Retreat before it.

Set for March 15–24, the 2021 HPA Tech Retreat will, as in years past, feature the industry’s most informed voices. This year’s key themes, featured in virtual presentations, will address today’s most important technology topics including Cloud, AI, Machine Learning, Virtual Production, Remote Collaboration, content creation in the era of COVID, and how to build a diverse and equitable industry, among other relevant topics. In addition, following on the prescient success of last year’s The Lost Lederhosen, the HPA Tech Retreat will again feature a live Supersession on March 23 and 24.

The Supersession, hosted again by Jochen Zell, will track a number of global productions produced especially for the Tech Retreat, demonstrating how connected, creative collaborative workflows in the era of COVID are evolving in real time. The Supersession will be capped by what promises to be a historic live demonstration of end-to-end cloud centric production through delivery presented in collaboration with MovieLabs.

In acknowledgement of the Zoom fatigue and virtual conferences that have become a hallmark of the COVID era, the Tech Retreat will be presented in HPA’s compelling new custom digital platform, HPA Engage. The event platform will host deep thought leadership presentations, panels, live roundtable discussions, interactive Q&As, our Innovation Zone, featuring demos and ways to learn about the industry’s latest tech, as well as opportunities to network and engage directly with fellow “Tech Retreaters.” As usual, industry technology guru Mark Schubin will provide his own brand of insight and perspective during the Retreat as well as reprising his role as curator of the submissions.

Leon Silverman, HPA Board member and former HPA president, said, “It’s not just that we will be talking about the most important topics of the day. And it’s not just because there will be this coming together of these great minds along with the greater audience that our virtual Tech Retreat enables. It’s that we need this. We are at a critical juncture in our world and industry. We need to discuss, debate, teach, and learn. Our industry’s future depends on it. HPA Tech Retreat: no buzzwords or bullshit allowed. Join us. It will be historic.”

This year’s Innovation Zone, in addition to the usual focus on new and revolutionary technology, will welcome new uses for established technology. Companies supporting the Supersession will be represented, as well as HPA Engineering Excellence Award winners. Tech Retreat attendees will have opportunities to book one-on-one sessions with company experts and experience live demos.

The 2021 roundtables are no longer limited to breakfast, since attendees can join from around the world. Roundtables feature companies and organizations on the edge of technology presenting the most important developments, and experts hosting lively discussions. Attendees can sign up to attend the table and ask questions, or can simply observe. Curated by Mark Schubin, each session features 30 tables with 12 seats each (in addition to “observers”). As always, spots for roundtables, known for offering rich opportunities for direct connection, are filling quickly. Further information regarding hosting a roundtable is available on the HPA website.

Seth Hallen, President of HPA, outlined the event, which has been reimagined but whose mission remains steadfast. “The focus of this year’s event brings the key elements of the revered HPA Tech Retreat directly to an audience that cannot be gathered together in Palm Springs but enables engagement with this incredible content from anywhere in the world. The global nature of the virtual environment events – where anyone, anywhere can attend – powers direct contact with an incomparable audience of VIPs, freed from geography. The HPA Tech Retreat may not be exactly the same this year, but given the time and environment in which we are operating, it’s more important than ever.”

Registration is now open for the 2021 HPA Tech Retreat. Current members will have access to all Tech Retreat sessions and content for $199, and nonmembers for $299.  This year, the Tech Retreat registration fee for nonmembers includes an individual HPA membership.

The HPA Tech Retreat takes place thanks to the generosity of diamond title sponsor Adobe; registration sponsor Sohonet; gold sponsors Netapp, Ownzones and Signiant; event sponsor KeyCode Media; and silver sponsors Avid, Blackmagic Design, Epic Games, and Zeiss. To become a 2021 HPA Tech Retreat sponsor, contact jcataldo@hpaonline.com.

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