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Adobe Announces New features for Creative Cloud video


With the growing global demand for video, Adobe continues to deliver innovative tools and workflows. At MAX, Adobe announced new features for Creative Cloud video.

Premiere Pro

  • Speech to Text in Premiere Pro (early access) will enable users to automatically create a transcript from their video, then generate automatic captions on the Timeline. Powered by Adobe Sensei, Auto Captions leverages machine learning to accurately mirror the pacing of spoken dialog and match it to the video timecode.
  • New captions workflow in Premiere Pro (public Beta) makes captions into an integral part of editorial. With the design tools in the Essential Graphics panel for customizing and stylizing text, it offers a reimagined user experience for working with captions and subtitles in Premiere Pro.

After Effects

  • Roto Brush 2 in After Effects (available now) gives editors and VFX artists the ability to separate a foreground object from its scene faster and more intuitively. Roto Brush 2 uses Adobe Sensei to automatically track selected objects, frame by frame. With more power, an easier workflow, and better results, Roto Brush 2 improves on the original Roto Brush tool and makes advanced rotoscoping available to a wide range of video creators, saving countless hours of effort, even with difficult footage.

Feature and Performance Improvements

  • New hardware decoding for AMD and NVIDIA GPUs on Windows offers faster playback and more responsive Timeline performance for the widely used H.264 and HEVC formats in Premiere Pro and After Effects (Beta).
  • Faster audio pre-roll in Premiere Pro provides responsive playback for large projects or projects that use a lot of audio effects.
  • HDR workflows now include support for Rec2100 PQ color working space in Premiere Pro and After Effects.
  • Color management for ARRI ProRes allows users to work with embedded LUTs, streamlining the workflow in Premiere Pro.
  • Import support for ProRes RAW on Windows is now available for Intel and AMD GPUs.
  • ProRes RAW to LOG color space conversion is now available in Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Adobe Media Encoder

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