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AJA Ships FS-HDR v2.6 with New Dynamic LUTs

AJA Video Systems has released a free v2.6 firmware update for the FS-HDR real-time HDR and WCG converter/frame-sync, fusing AJA’s production-proven hardware technology with Colorfront Engine™ video and color space processing. FS-HDR v2.6 introduces new Dynamic 3D LUTs, with dynamic LUT support from Pomfort LiveGrade Pro and TV Logic WonderLookPro. FS-HDR v2.6 also brings 8K support with new gang control, and additional new color transformation enhancements.

FS-HDR v2.6 new features include:

• Colorfront Engine support for new HDR output transforms:
– S-Log3/BT.2020 Output Dynamic Range and Gamut
– ARRI Log C Output Dynamic Range and Gamut
• Updated BBC v1.2 HLG LUTs:
– SDR Scene-Referred (SR) to HLG
– SDR Display-Referred (DR) to HLG
– PQ 1000 nits to HLG
– S-Log3 100% to HLG
– S-Log3 200% (SR-Live) to HLG
– HLG to SDR Display-Referred (DR)
– HLG to PQ 1000 nit
• New BBC v1.2 HLG LUTs:
– SDR SR up-conversion to HLG
– SDR DR up-conversion to HLG
– PQ 4000 nits to HLG
– HLG to SDR Scene Referred SR
• 3D LUT Uploads: Upload and store multiple custom 3D.CUBE LUTs to FS-HDR using the web GUI, and user presets to recall. Use custom LUTs with the FS-HDR toolset to provide consistent looks with real-time workflows.
• Ganged Operation of Colorfront Engine parameters with the AJA FS-HDR Control Link app: Use the free FS-HDR Control Link v1.1 application to gang multiple FS-HDRs on the same network, including four FS-HDRs for 8K workflows. Easily make Colorfront Engine adjustments by implementing parameter changes to one unit that simultaneously apply to all ganged units using FS-HDR’s applications GUI or a Tangent Element Kb twelve knob panel.
• Pomfort LiveGrade Pro and TV Logic WonderLookPro Support for FS-HDR Dynamic 3D LUTs: FS-HDR v2.6 is ready for integration with Pomfort LiveGrade Pro; the upcoming LiveGrade Pro update will introduce dynamic LUT support for FS-HDR in January. TV Logic WonderLookPro support is available now.

Pricing and Availability
FS-HDR v2.6 firmware is available now as a free download from AJA’s support page. FS-HDR is currently available through AJA’s worldwide reseller network for $7995 US MSRP. For more information, visit: https://www.aja.com/products/fs-hdr.

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