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Convergent Joins Cloud Security Alliance

Convergent Risks Inc. has announced that it has joined the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA), the world’s leading organization dedicated to defining standards, certifications, and best practices to help ensure a secure cloud computing environment.

“We are delighted and excited to have made the investment in CSA Corporate Membership and licensing the use of CSA materials. The industries we support are rapidly transitioning to cloud and SaaS-based workflows. In the wake of global pandemic, we are extremely busy turning temporary measures into permanent solutions. Our aim is to work in partnership with CSA, access the knowledge and experience of their community and combine it with our industry-specific knowledge. This will assist our clients and their trade bodies to make the transition to cloud as smooth as possible, whilst increasing the level of ‘Cloud Security’ awareness throughout our supply chains,” said Chris Johnson, CEO, Convergent Risks Inc.

Convergent provides cloud and application security assessments for creative services vendors and SaaS application providers in the media and entertainment supply chain, using recognised industry best practices and standards. The Convergent security assessment control matrix, which has been shared with content owners and the trade bodies, incorporates Azure, AWS and Google cloud best practices, together with configuration vulnerability scanning. Additionally, OWASP threat assessment penetration testing and CSA Cloud Controls Matrix (CCM) service provider assessments are provided for SaaS and application providers.

“Convergent Risks are a recognized leading security partner within the media sector, as well as an established contributor to large Infrastructure and corporate projects. We look forward to working with Convergent to raise the awareness of the CSA benefits, leveraging the materials we create and maintain for the use of our ever-growing community,” said Jim Reavis, co-founder and CEO, Cloud Security Alliance.

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