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DigitalGlue Makes Enterprise Storage Easy and Affordable with creative.space Version 1.5

DigitalGlue has announced version 1.5 of the creative.space Web App along with a beta release of their Desktop App. Unlike current solutions in the marketplace, creative.space is the world’s first managed storage service designed specifically for creatives, eliminating the need for IT involvement. The intuitive Web App simplifies collaborative storage by providing a streamlined user experience that promotes productivity and creativity, therefore increasing revenue and decreasing expenses for their company. With the release of this new software version, creative post-production teams finally have an enterprise storage solution that adapts to their needs, fits their budget, and does not require specialized knowledge or IT training.

As a Systems Integrator, DigitalGlue has helped media organizations build and support video-centric solutions for over 18 years by combining cutting edge technology with custom software, specializing in taking complex workflows and making them simple. As the industry transitioned from tape to file-based workflows, DigitalGlue worked with customers to evaluate and select the right storage and media asset management solutions for their needs. During this process, they discovered that unrealistically high price points and overly complex, yet underdeveloped, software put existing options out of reach for most video teams.

Out of necessity, a solution was born. Rather than pay upfront for a traditional shared storage server with an annual service level agreement covering reactive support, creative.space bundles hardware, software, and proactive support into a fixed monthly rate based on a 1, 2, 3, or 5-year contract. Unlike purchasing or leasing storage, a creative.space service contract is flexible, allowing customers to adapt to changing needs with modular or complete upgrades. DigitalGlue’s proactive monitoring enables bottlenecks to be identified and addressed before rather than after they interrupt work, saving customers from unexpected delays and even data loss.

creative.space is designed for Creatives to make storage easy, taking the complex IT-centric tasks and simplifying them with a streamlined user experience backed by DigitalGlue’s DevOps support team. The backend development team works with customers to build powerful API toolsets that eliminate the need for command-line operations. The frontend team builds user interfaces that are intuitive and practical for customers and tuned to their workflows. As a common resource for diverse media organizations, DigitalGlue can spread efficiencies across the entire network of creative.space nodes. Every feature moves creative.space closer to removing technology as a bottleneck to creative workflows.

Over the course of two years, DigitalGlue worked with a select group of Early Adopters to build a storage platform that is easy to deploy and maintain. The result is an enterprise storage solution that provides scalable real-time performance with administrative tools that do not require IT experience to use. Rather than build a proprietary solution from the ground up, creative.space takes advantage of the latest advances in enterprise storage hardware and open source software.

By removing the burdens of traditional storage workflows, Early Adopters were able to realize previously unattainable workflow efficiencies, saving hours each day that were repurposed in creative ways to generate more revenue in less time. Contact sales@digitalglue.com today.

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