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NET Critical Conversations: Collaborating in the Cloud Part 2 The View from the Director’s and Cinematographer’s Chair

HPA NET is proud to partner with the American Society of Cinematographers to present the sequel to our first HPA NET Critical Conversation. A few weeks ago we dove into virtual production with the technologists responsible for the revolutionary workflow in place on the HPA Tech Retreat Supersession’s twelve-minute short film “The Lost Lederhosen”.

“The Lost Lederhosen” was a camera-to-cloud project using eight different cameras recording in 8K, 6K, 4K, and 3.4K RAW. It was set in ACES color space, followed by 99% post processing in the cloud.

Join HPA NET on April 23 at 11 AM PDT for a discussion between director Steven Shaw, ASC, DGA; Director of Photography Roy Wagner, ASC, FRPS; VFX Supervisor Sam Nicholson, ASC; Cinematographer Peter Moss, ASC, ACS; producer and Post Supervisor Joachim Zell; with introduction by HPA President Seth Hallen and ASC President Kees Van Oostrum.

What was the virtual experience like for the artists? What was the same, what was different? What worked and what didn’t? Join us to find out!

Event Details:

Introduction by:

HPA President Seth Hallen and ASC President Kees Van Oostrum


  • Producer and Post Supervisor Joachim Zell
  • Director Steven Shaw, ASC, DGA
  • Director of Photography Roy Wagner, ASC, FRPS
  • VFX Supervisor Sam Nicholson, ASC
  • Cinematographer Peter Moss, ASC, ACS

Live recording date:

  • April 23, 2020
  • 11:00 am – 1:00 pm PDT

This event will be hosted on GoToWebinar. In order to join this event and optimize your experience, please check system requirements here.

NET 4-23-20 Panel

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