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NET Critical Conversations: The Role Opera Has Played in Media & Entertainment Technology and the Upcoming HPA Tech Retreat 2021

Mark Schubin has been setting the course for the HPA Tech Retreat program since 1998, before the HPA existed! For the first time in over 20 years we won’t be able to bring 700 friends and colleagues together in that awesome Palm Springs weather, but the connection, education, networking, and fun is still guaranteed – and we bet you’ll still depart smarter, happier and satisfied that you’ve attended a very special event. Mark Schubin joins HPA NET Critical Conversations host Mark Chiolis to give us a preview of his upcoming Tech Retreat presentation on Opera in the Pandemic, as well as the fascinating story of how opera has contributed technology to the Media & Entertainment industry over the years – including motion image projection on stage in 1727, first lighting grid with remote control, multiple microphones, recording in 1860, home entertainment in 1880, stereo sound in 1881, and much more.

Multiple-Emmy-award-winning SMPTE Fellow Mark Schubin has been working in television since 1967, writing about it since 1972, and chairing the HPA Tech Retreat program since 1998 (before there was an HPA). He has shot for the Rolling Stones, lit Luciano Pavarotti, mixed Stevie Wonder, hooked up the TV in Eric Clapton’s bedroom, and performed forensic analysis for the Woody Allen/Mia Farrow child-custody battle. He worked on Japan’s first regularly scheduled HDTV broadcast, Kazakhstan’s first news network, and Hong Kong’s first cable-TV system. He has also worked on standards ranging from the VU meter to digitally compressed video transmission to the national TV system of Barbados.

His clients range from the Metropolitan Opera to Sesame Street, MTV, The News Hour, the AFL-CIO, the U.S. Congress, and the World Book Encyclopedia. His writing has been translated into French, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish. His blog, http://www.schubincafe.com, is archived by the Library of Congress.

Mark Chiolis

Mark Chiolis is the Director of Business Development for Mobile TV Group (MTVG), which provides facilities for over 4,000 live professional and college sports events with more than 35 mobile units based throughout the U.S. MTVG has been leading the 4K/UHD/HDR live event production with key broadcasters, networks and distribution companies.

Mark is currently working to interface with customers and partners to develop and support MTVG’s entertainment, egames, and esports events with current and new trucks.

Prior to MTVG, Chiolis worked in marketing, business development, and sales for Grass Valley, Thomson, Technicolor, Philips, and BTS as well as at television stations KMUV, KRBK and KVIE.

Chiolis is an active board member of the HPA, an associate member of the American Society of Cinematographers, past section manager of SMPTE, member of STE, SBE and California Broadcasters Association.

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