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Google shows off new Chromecast Internet TV device, Nexus 7 tablets

Making a new move into Internet television, Google (GOOG) on Wednesday said it will start selling a $35 gadget that will plug into a high-definition TV and stream video from Netflix (NFLX), YouTube and other sources.

Read more here: http://investing.businessweek.com/research/stocks/news/article.asp?docKey=600-201307241507KRTRIB__BUSNEWS_14465_47939-1&params=timestamp||07/24/2013%203:07%20PM%20ET||headline||Google%20shows%20off%20new%20Chromecast%20Internet%20TV%20device%2C%20Nexus%207%20tablets%20[San%20Jose%20Mercury%20News]||docSource||McClatchy-Tribune||provider||ACQUIREMEDIA||bridgesymbol||US;AAPL&ticker=AAPL

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