HPA 2018: RealD’s TrueMotion Finesses HFR Footage in Post

At the HPA Tech Retreat, RealD senior scientist Tony Davis and cinematographer Bill Bennett, ASC shot and mastered imagery in a variety of high frame rates. One of the chief challenges, said Bennett, is achieving a result with a cinematic aesthetic. “As we move towards HDR displays, we’ve discovered that high contrast images tend to judder as they move across the screen,” said Bennett. The two proposed a solution whereby images are acquired at a very high frame rate, but then adjusted in post.

RealD’s TrueMotion is software that creates a synthetic shutter that adjusts motion blur, sharpness and judder to create a more real look and/or allow the creation of another look. The cinematographer acquires with a 360-degree shutter at 120 fps or more, then in post can adjust the shutter to create the desired look.


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