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An Open Letter of Concern For the Survival of the Media Creation Supply Chain

Members of the post production, creative, and creative technology communities face a critical moment as current work stoppages threaten the long-term viability of the industry pipeline

The Hollywood Professional Association recognizes the serious and important issues that must be resolved between the AMPTP and the Guilds so that our industry can return to work. We urge the parties to find resolution soon, as the current work stoppage has already brought harsh consequences to the many thousands of people and businesses who support media creation. At this point, the long-term impact to what is referred to as the industry supply chain in post production, VFX, and production support is already real and dire.

At the conclusion of the current dispute, it is assumed that the writers, actors, and producers will go back to work. However, the real risk for our members is that they may not be able to return at all. With each passing day without resolution, the economic damage to supply chain companies and their employees grows ever more devastating. Organizations indispensable to the creation of media are cutting staff and services, and in some cases, even risk closing. Many talented and skilled professionals are losing their jobs and life savings. Some are leaving the industry entirely, taking their expertise with them. Without a near-term resolution, there is significant risk to the ability of the industry to easily recover.

During the pandemic, our association members and their employers rose to the occasion. We created innovative ways for “the show to go on.” We made significant investments at the behest of our customers to meet the demand to supply entertainment to a shut-in global audience. The industry cannot afford to lose the talent that made that possible.

We are encouraged that participants are returning to the table and urge them to find the common ground to get the industry we love and support back to work. And when we do, we, your partners in the industry supply chain, are committed to working together to build a strong future for our industry, where we can continue to innovate, serve and support your creative vision. 


HPA Board of Directors and Staff

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