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HPA Tech Retreat: ETC Immersive Media Challenge Explained

By Debra Kaufman

HPA Tech Retreat 2020

ETC’s immersive media head Phil Lelyveld presented a session describing the organization’s third Immersive Media Challenge — this one with a 5G twist. “The challenge is to ask students and recent graduates to come up with an idea for an engaging experience that is impossible to build now that should be possible to build in three to five years,” he said. “It’s not a hackathon. If you can build it in three to five years, you should probably start building it now. If it’s longer than five years, it’s Fantasyland.”

Lelyveld said that he asks potential entrants to consider what happens when technology catches up to an idea that resonates with people, giving Facebook, “Fortnite,” global K-Pop, and eSports as examples. He also asks them to think about what happens when an idea out of the blue — like the iPhone or digital influencers — is suddenly possible.


Read the full article at www.etcentric.org

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