HPA Tech Retreat: How Did 8K Media Get Here So Quickly?

By Debra Kaufman

HPA Tech Retreat

That’s what ROAM Consulting president Pete Putnam asked in his HPA Tech Retreat discussion of the apparently out-of-nowhere rise of 8K. But the presentation’s title — “8K: Whoa! How’d We Get There So Quickly?” — was actually misdirection, as Putnam showed in great detail how the development, research and plans for 8K go as far back as the 1990s. His advice for those considering a 4K television is that they won’t have to wait long to buy an affordable 8K one. (Although many in the audience preferred the purchase of a 4K TV with HDR.) “CES 2019 was full of 8K TV models,” he noted.

Read the full story at ETCentric.

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