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Is What You See What You Get?

We rely on monitors to tell us what we need to know about our content when we shoot it, post it, distribute and view it. But how do you really know what you’re looking at? A large crowd, hosted by the Hollywood chapter of SMPTE, gathered at AMPAS last week in pursuit of an answer to that question.

Presenters and panelists Bill Baggelaar (SVP Technology Sony Pictures), Chris Clark (Imaging Science Netflix), Josh Pines (Imaging Science Technicolor), Joseph Slomka (Imaging Science Fotokem), Steve Mahrer (Sr. Technologist, Panasonic), Howard Lukk (SMPTE) and Zoachim Zell (VP Technology EFilm/Deluxe) addressed industry standards, process and practices with a wealth of experience, facts and humor.

The variety of monitors on display included Sony, TV Logic, Panasonic and Canon.

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