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Live and Local Is the Key

By Phil Kurz

HPA Tech Retreat 2020

Skip Pizzi, NAB’s vice president of technology education and outreach, simply nailed it during a NextGen TV panel at the HPA Tech Retreat in February.

“OTT is anything but live and local,” said Pizzi during the panel as reported by James O’Neal, TVTechnology correspondent.

“This live, local-focused service can co-exist on a more even parity in terms of quality and interactivity with those other [steaming] services. NextGen TV really gives broadcasters a level playing field going forward.”

Setting aside ATSC 3.0 for a moment, television broadcasters in the U.S. have always shone brightest when serving their local communities—both from a news point of view and as a commercial endeavor.


Read the full article at www.tvtechnology.com

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