Object Matrix partners with Pebble for efficient multi-channel playout

Object Matrix has partnered with Pebble, a leader in the highly specialized and mission-critical field of broadcast playout automation.

The integrated solution combines Object Matrix’s revolutionary media-focused object storage platform MatrixStore with Pebble’s automated, integrated channel, IP and virtualized playout technology.

By utilizing Object Matrix’s MatrixStore users easily have faster access to their media archive providing a simpler, more streamlined process for scheduling playout. In comparison to using LTO archive libraries, MatrixStore ensures the media assets are always available and eliminates any delays or impact of degrading. Pebble Automation and Integrated Channel is then able to deliver highly automated integrated video for ingest, channel branding, and frame-accurate multi-channel playout.

The partnership has created an accessible avenue for broadcast media companies who need to schedule multi-channel broadcasting, with seamlessly efficient access to their archived media assets.

Jonathan Morgan, CEO, at Object Matrix says “Object Matrix strives to work with best in class industry leaders and we have been truly impressed not just with Pebble’s solutions but also with the energy and efficiency of their teams. Together we believe the solution will provide the data protection, scalability, and ease of use that our customers are looking for in modern workflows.”

“The team at Object Matrix are trusted experts at the top of their field. Partnering with them upholds our commitment in delivering the best user experience possible for our customers,” comments Daniel Robinson, Head of R&D at Pebble. “The MatrixStore solution offers increased efficiency for Pebble users and we believe this integration will be a welcomed addition to an already rich feature set that our customer base leverages in their day to day playout automation workflows.”

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