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Pixspan’s Pixsmover™ Transfers to the HPA Tech Retreat Innovation Zone

With an industry increasingly required to manage more 4K+ image files, Pixspan’s PixMover offers a coveted three-fold solution: fast transmission speeds with reduced storage needs while retaining 100% integrity of every bit per pixel. Pixspan specializes in full-resolution workflow management and with PixMover™ quality, quantity and speed can all be attained.

Rapidly growing file sizes and frame rates are a fundamental part of production workflows, and PixMover ensures the ability to manage them. With simple drag-and-drop features, PixMover makes it easy to save 50-80% on storage and networking resources. Using Pixspan’s Bit Exact Round Trip technology, PixMover encodes much smaller bit-exact copies of their full-resolution images and then restores them – bit for bit – to the original image. PixMover is native to Autodesk Flame, incorporated into TIXEL Network Optimization Software, and enables 4K workflows in existing infrastructures without adding expensive new equipment. It has been implemented by some of the most in-demand vendors, including Dell, ELEMENTS, EMC Isilon, and NVIDIA. Operating on both CPU and GPU platforms, Pixspan offers management of uncompressed camera raw files (EXR, DPX, Cineon, ARRIRAW, Cana Raw etc,) and digital intermediate workflows with speed and efficiency on space and bandwidth-heavy networks.

Visit Pixspan in the Innovation Zone: http://www.pixspan.com/hpa_2017.php

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