Young Entertainment Professionals FAQ


Can someone who does not live in the Los Angeles Metro Area apply to the YEP program?

Yes. Members of the YEP program have come from around the globe. However, applicants should be aware that the majority of YEP in-person events and activities are held in the LA Metro Area.


I do not identify as “young,” however I am in the early stages of my career as an entertainment professional. Is the YEP program for me?

The YEP program seeks applicants 18 years or older, new to careers in the entertainment industry. This is generally people with about 10 years or less of professional work experience in the entertainment industry. This program is not geared for those new to the workforce in general.


What is a YEP mentor? Can they help me get a specific job or certification?

The YEP mentorship program focuses on helping YEPs build broad foundational skills by connecting with experienced entertainment professionals willing to share anecdotal knowledge and advice. YEP mentors provide support, motivation, professional guidance, and encouragement for mentees in the early stages of their entertainment careers.


What area of the entertainment industry is YEP intended for?
YEPs have come from all types of backgrounds, from production to post production, from business development and technology to operations and archiving. Basically, if you have a part in bringing entertainment to the world, YEP is for you.

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