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Scale Logic Launches Media-Focused Object Storage & Private Cloud Solution

Scale Logic has announced the launch of the company’s new media-focused Object Storage platform. The new solution, powered by Object Matrix, is designed to benefit organizations financially and operationally by modernizing video workflows and providing instant access to all media assets.

Scale Logic’s Object Storage solution is built on mature, feature-rich and future-proof object-based storage technology, delivering operational efficiencies and full digital content governance. In addition, the solution provides multiple media-based workflows and secure access to all archived content anywhere.

“The launch of our new media-focused Object Storage and Private Cloud Solution marks another step in our evolving WorkflowConnect platform,” said Robert Herzan, Scale Logic’s Chief Executive Officer

“Our revolutionary platform is predicated on the idea of creating highly collaborative environments by architecting the ideal workflow solution and tailoring it to every user’s needs. As a result, we partnered with leading provider Object Matrix to deliver seamless Object Storage and Private Cloud, enabling users to achieve even more when customizing their perfect workflows.”

With its active archiving functionality for long-term data retention, the solution enables users to offload, migrate, store and centralize files from various sites within a less expensive, secondary tier. This functionality frees up valuable space while decreasing costs and the need for additional IT resources. Moreover, its many security features ensure controlled access and protect against threats resulting in data loss. The solution also includes built-in support for WORM and S3 object locking to enable continuous data integrity.

Aside from the new Object Storage and Private Cloud Solution release within the WorkflowConnect Platform, Scale Logic also continues to be the go-to partner for the world’s largest companies seeking future-resistant media production storage and workflow orchestration solutions. The company’s highly sought-after team of experienced engineers delivers advanced infrastructure and architectures—all driven by a proven methodology that enables them to quickly assess and solve even the most complex data management, storage and networking challenges.

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